A Life Sentence

A Life Sentence is inspired by a young woman's lived experience of sexual abuse at the hands of her father. How do you come forward when you don't think anyone will believe you? How do you speak your truth when you know that the repercussions will be greater than the payoff? In the case of Gwen, and many others around the world, you don't.  This is a play that explores victim-blaming, and it's lifelong effects on a person. "It's certainly the time to do it", says Gwen's abuser, referring to the "trend" of women coming forward years after their abuse. This same sentiment has been echoed over and over in the height of the #metoo movement. It is my hope that through nuanced stories such as this, we can begin to normalize the conversation around these lived experiences, and pave the way to a society that chooses to believe someone's adverse circumstances, rather than place blame.

A Life Sentence was originally written by Jarred Stephen Meek to be produced at Studio 58, his alma matter, as a part of Fourplay 2020. After 3 years of writing, due to COVID-19, the production was cancelled indefinitely. 

The original cast of A Life Sentence in rehearsals at Studio 58, under the direction of Amiel Gladstone.
“I was incredibly moved”
 “Very well performed and written”
“It was beautiful, and a powerful story for other ‘Gwens’ to witness.”

Virtual Reading & Future

With the theatre industry at somewhat of a standstill, moving forward with A Life Sentence has proven difficult. In the meantime, we held a Virtual Reading of the play on YouTube in September 2020, which garnered over 150 viewers.

Interested in reading or producing A Life Sentence? E-mail jarredmeek@icloud.com for more info.