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Deedee LaCraze

You can catch Deedee in the upcoming short film STAY premiering at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival in March 2023.

For booking, please e-mail, or contact on instagram at @deedeelacraze!

While performing in drag, Deedee uses she/they pronouns, and while out of drag Jarred uses he/him.

Jarred is also a drag performer and makeup artist known as Deedee LaCraze. Drag gives you the power to showcase every part of your personality that you might not otherwise access on an everyday basis. Being able to play with gender and identity in the safe containment of art is such an empowering thing.


Before moving to Vancouver, Deedee hosted her own series of shows and was a regular performer in Kelowna, BC, paving the way for more queer art in the city. Having taken a hiatus to go to school, Jarred and Deedee are now making their way into the Vancouver scene, whether it be lipsyncing, singing live, acting etc! 

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In August 2022, Jarred, as Deedee, was invited to help develop the first ever DRAG CAMP at Carousel Theatre for Young People.  With some of Vancouver's top performers, including the winner of Call Me Mother Season 1, Toddy, we got to lead an intensive for children ages 7-17 and teach them the magic of drag. It was powerful to be a part of such important change. 

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