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The Way Station

THE WAY STATION WEB PILOT produced by Studio 58


way sta·tion noun -a stopping point on a journey.


The journey of a young girl who lost her life too soon, and the odd circumstances that she finds herself in now that she is deceased. Danny is startled to find that she is a ghost and the newest member of a ghost-therapy circle stationed at the City Morgue. As Danny traverses this strange collection of dead members, and their living leader the Coroner himself, she must come to the conclusion as to why she has not passed over. This odd assembly of phantoms is made up of a greaser from the 1950s, a skittish businessman, a lesbian couple constantly at each other's throats, a proper lady from the 1900’s, and a literal spiritual medium from New York. Danny has unfinished business and she only has tonight to figure out what is holding her back from the afterlife or she is trapped on earth until the end of time... and this ghostly crew is here to help!


STARRING: Mallory James, Emily Jane King, Taylor Long, Isaac Mazur, Nolan McConnell-Fidyk, Jarred Stephen Meek, Mariana Munoz and Margaret Onedo.


Produced, Directed & Edited by Janin Palahicky Written by Bailey Megrian

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